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Caravan Servicing

Caravan Servicing

Here at S&B Towbars we understand how important a caravan service is. We offer a range of services including winter care check, mechanical check, habitation check and more. Whether your caravan is used every week or every 3 months, regular servicing can ensure that it remains healthy and in working order.

An annual caravan service will thoroughly test, check and maintain all aspects of your caravan including a damp test, electrical systems, gas systems, water systems and more. This type of service will identify any existing or possible problems such as electric wiring issues, brake issues, damp, pipe cracks/blockages, chassis issues and more.

Whilst a habitation check does check the majority of aspects, it is a check to ensure that your caravan is safe to be lived in and will check gas systems, electric and water systems. The more mechanical systems such as brakes, chassis, breakaway cable and more are not covered. Therefore it is important to know exactly what your caravan needs and which service covers what.

Whether you are looking for a full annual caravan service, accident repair, modification installation, winter care check, accessories or general repair S&B Towbars can help. With service centres across the UK manned by highly qualified and experienced mechanics we can help you choose the right service option for your caravan.

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