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Multiplex Wiring

Most modern vehicles are fitted with sophisticated wiring systems called Cambus / Multiplex wiring or have bulb failure systems. To protect your vehicles ECU and wiring system from potential damage S & B Towbars fit a 7 way bypass system to your existing vehicles wiring loom which reads the computer signals and then sends and then sends power to the towing unit without adding any extra load to the vehicle wiring.

Vehicle Specific / Dedicated Wiring Looms

With modern cars wiring and safety systems becoming ever more complex and being constantly monitored by the vehicles computers it is fast becoming more important to fit a vehicle specific wiring kit to modern vehicles some dealers already have documented in the handbook that if a universal wiring kit is fitted to the wiring harness that it would invalidate the vehicles electrical warranty. For more information please visit page Vehicle Electrics Explained

Self Switching Relay

This rely is used to protect your vehicle’s own battery from being accidentally drained by the caravan fridge and auxiliary battery when hooked up. It feeds power to your caravan’s fridge and auxiliary battery only when the voltage in the battery reaches the correct voltage, when the alternator ceases to charge and the battery the voltage drops and it switches the relay off ensuring the battery doesn’t get drained at idle.