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There are four types of towbars that are available for most modern vehicles they are the Fixed Flange, Swanneck, Detachable and Retractable.

Fixed Flange

This is the most common type of towing bracket used in the UK.
This type of towing bracket is much more versatile than the Swanneck or Detachable system.
With the two bolt attaching system for the tow ball it offers you more scope.
You can use a standard towball or a long neck / Alko bowball.
It also gives you the option of attaching accessories such as a bumper protection plate, drop plates or caravan stabiliser car plates.
Cycle carrier plates can be added behind the towball enabling cycles to be carried at the same time as using the towball.
Also if you have a commercial or 4 x 4 vehicle the standard towball can be changed to a ball and pin coupling, tow steps can be added also drop plates or adjustable height couplings can be added.


The swanneck towbar is a slimmer option to the fixed flange. There are pros and cons.
Pros will fit Alko hitch and standard hitches.

You can not attach bumper protection plates or drop plates
The swan neck does extend further out than the fixed flange option
You are unable to use a cycle carrier at the same time as towing


Detachable towbars are more expensive than the previous two options but they are much more commonly used now.
The benefits are that the majority of installs both the towbar and electric socket is totally invisible when not in use, thus keeping your vehicles appearance exactly the same as before the fit (also saves banging your shins when loading or unloading the boot).
Will not interfere with rear parking sensors.
Detachable towbars have a quick release neck which is easily stored in the back of your vehicle and can be removed and fitted in a matter of seconds no tools required.


The next generation towbar, the retractable towbar is operated either manually or electrically.
Currently they are only available for a small percentage of cars and are the most expensive.